Herbal Gifts Story - Questionnaire


1: What year did you begin?

A: 2011

2: What was the motivation for starting your company?

This product saved the lives of people in my family.

3: What are your future plans for your company?

Continue to grow and expand the business. Continue to perfect an already great product.

4: What separates your company from others?

There are no other companies like mine. We don’t take shortcuts; we aren’t chasing the bottom line. We’re chasing after the perfection of the product. 

We only use FDA validated sterilization methods and only offer NON-IRRADIATED Kratom that has been sterilized stateside.

5: What are your top 5 products and why?

  1. Kratom: it’s the best in the world
  2. Extract powder: made in house, best in the world
  3. Extract liquids: made in house, best in the world
  4. Hemp extracts: they make the best vapes and gummies, best in the world
  5. CBD Isolates: cleanest, purest, best in the world

6: What specials do you offer?

A: Everyday low prices on the best products in the world.

7: Tell us more about your customer service?

A: Top notch, fast shipping, super consistent, best in the world

8: Are you cGMP certified?

A: Enrolled

9: Has your company received any awards or certifications?

A: Only FDA validated kratom company in the world. Always receive top honors in product polling. MACU new and current users, facebook polls

10: Tell us more about your company?

A: My brother broke his neck when he was younger, and it really started affecting him as he got older. He started taking all kinds of prescription medications, soon after became addicted and it messed up his life and family’s’ lives. He started looking for an alternative, something natural, something without all the side effects. We found kratom, but at that point in time, it was scarcely available at headshops and the quality was subpar. So we started researching it, the origins, the effects, everything there was to know at the time. Finally we contacted farmers in Indonesia, and took a month and a half long trip out there. We found what we felt was the best kratom supply at the time and it’s the same one supplier that we’ve been working with to this day, 11 years later…..best in the world!

www.thekratomstore.com    www.herbalgifts.com


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